Pronoun Agreement Drill

As a copy editor, one of the most common grammar mistakes I encounter is incorrect pronoun agreement. This happens when the pronoun used in a sentence does not match the gender or number of the noun it is referring to. Pronoun agreement is an important aspect of grammar and can affect the clarity and professionalism of your writing. To help you improve your writing skills, I would like to introduce you to the pronoun agreement drill.

The pronoun agreement drill is a simple exercise that can help you identify and correct errors in pronoun agreement. It involves replacing the pronoun in a sentence with the correct form based on the gender and number of the noun it is referring to. Let’s take a look at an example:

Incorrect: Each of the students must bring their own textbooks.

Correct: Each of the students must bring his or her own textbook.

In the first sentence, the pronoun “their” is used to refer to the singular noun “each,” which is incorrect because “each” is singular. In the corrected sentence, the pronoun “his or her” is used to match the singular noun “each.” This is an example of correct pronoun agreement.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when practicing the pronoun agreement drill:

1. Identify the noun that the pronoun is referring to. Make sure you know the gender and number of the noun.

2. Choose the correct pronoun form. If the noun is singular, use a singular pronoun (he, she, it). If the noun is plural, use a plural pronoun (they, them).

3. Use the correct gender. If the noun is masculine, use a masculine pronoun (he, him). If the noun is feminine, use a feminine pronoun (she, her). If the gender is unknown or ambiguous, use a gender-neutral pronoun (they, them, their).

4. Be consistent. If you are referring to a singular noun, use a singular pronoun throughout the sentence. If you are referring to a plural noun, use a plural pronoun throughout the sentence.

By practicing the pronoun agreement drill, you can improve your writing skills and avoid common mistakes. Remember to always proofread your writing and pay attention to pronoun agreement to ensure that your writing is clear, professional, and grammatically correct.