Debra has been with WBA for over 30 years, watching the business grow and providing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company. Debra is Doug’s sister-in-law or “work wife” as she says, laughing. Debra helps with estimates and proposals, ordering/purchasing, staff oversight, meeting clients after contracts are signed, making selections for their projects, helping schedule and facilitate with subcontractors and employees, and more. “I don’t have a favorite task, but I love working with clients and our great subcontractors. We have great employees, too. I’m here all the time and consider this whole group family.”

Debra loves that her job is always evolving, “every project has different elements, different personalities.” Always having worked in customer service, she enjoys meeting people, trying to figure out what makes them tick, and what they need.  At home, she has 2.5 cats (including one feral half-cat who refuses domestication) and loves to garden and hike. Inspired by her Marine father, who still goes to the gym 3 times a week at age 91, she walks every day “unless it’s really, really bad weather.”