Doug is one of four of WBA’s original co-founders. He is the last of the original four and is very proud that while leadership may change at WBA, the concept and direction of the firm will remain the same. 

As Managing Partner, Doug lends his years of experience and local relationships with building officials and other key stakeholders to shepherd projects forward when needed.

Doug also spends considerable time on positioning the company for the future and providing continuity for new leaders. He enjoys the intellectual challenge of thinking about and preparing for the next decade and beyond. Doug’s mission is to make sure WBA does not lose all the experience and good will invested over time. He sees too many successful firms simply close because someone retires.

To that end, Doug has enjoyed opening WBA’s new office building on Route 171 in Putnam, CT. It’s a practical example of his future-thinking capabilities brought into play; hiring new staff and renovating the historic candy company building into a new woodworking shop.

On the personal side, Doug is the consummate family man with four close siblings and several grandchildren. He has spent time with all the grandkids every Sunday since their births. As a former avid road cyclist, Doug has changed over to gravel biking, a favorite activity of the grandkids. He also enjoys kayaking and hiking with them, spending as much time as possible because “they grow up quick.” 

Doug traveled a lot working for a bank in his early career, but truly loves where he lives in the beautiful “Quiet Corner.” A little known fact: Doug might have switched to Tim Horton’s and become a Canadian as he attended college in Canada as an undergrad and almost stayed there. He eventually returned home to support his family when his Dad fell ill. 

Family and team are Doug’s foundation. As he says. “I am the owner, but WBA is a team and it’s always been a team.”