Jenna is a new designer/estimator who recently graduated with high honors and a degree in architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. Although she’s only been at WBA for a short time, she likes working with the staff because “everyone works as a team to make our client happy.” She is excited to “help families in the community create their dream homes with quality designs.” 

Jenna enjoys spending her free time painting and time with her mom, brother, boyfriend, and friends.  She loves traveling, especially her annual family trips to national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. She describes them as “always an adventure!”.

She loves annual family trips to national parks and UNESCO Worl Heritage Sites.

A fun fact about Jenna is that she has been a Woodstock Resident for over 20 years. Also, if you need guidance on good places to eat in Boston, just ask her. “I love my food,” she happily admits.