Kris Tracy, Carpentry Supervisor

Kris does trim work, finish work, and kitchens. He really enjoys custom work, intricate, detail-oriented challenges, jobs that make him ask, “How do I make that look good? Somehow, I do.” His biggest challenge was creating a custom, arch-top, 18-lite mahogany exterior door from scratch. “It was daunting. I was very proud of it.”

Kris has a wife, young son, and a Malusky (half Alaskan Malamute half Siberian husky), who is “absolutely gorgeous but neurotic.” On weekends, in the morning, he enjoys doing crossword puzzles and playing chess with his son. He also loves tinkering with trucks, cars, lawn mowers, etc. His favorite place in the world is in the mountains of West Virginia, where he grew up. Kris is proud of wearing his heart on his sleeve. “I cry during sad movies. I’m a hugger…”