Time flies by, December is here!  As we are in the midst of the busy holiday season we cannot forget about keeping a smooth running home.  Here are some tips for this month.

Prepare for winter storms:  Get your snow shovels, winter gloves, ice melt or sand, ice scrapers, and snow rake ready for the first snow storm.  It is also a good idea to hire a snow removal service to keep your driveway and walks clear if you plan to travel during winter.  This will help give your house a lived-in appearance.

Seal drafts around windows and doors:  Cold air is sneaky.  Track down any drafts and block the source with weatherstripping to keep your home warm while reducing your heating bill.

Clean your chimney!  A wood burning fire is special during the holidays but it is best practice to have a licensed chimney sweep clean your chimney before the first fire of the season.

Check those detectors!  As always, check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every month.  This is even more important during the cold months since we tend to keep windows closed more often.

The WBA team wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season!


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