Doug has some helpful tips to prep for Winter. Doing these before it gets cold makes them a little easier.

  • Take out your Window AC units
  • Check that you have an insulated cover over your attic stairs
    • If you do not have a cover, get one from a local lumber yard – Modern Lumber or Eastford Building Supply
  • Have your Boiler/Furnace cleaned – call your fuel supplier
  • Check Gutters and Gutter downspouts, make sure they are not blocked by landscaping beds
  • Add insulation to your attic
  • Check exterior doors
    • Check the weather stripping and door sweeps
    • Foam the wedge at bottom, this will direct water out of the house
    • Check the condition of your door jambs, if needed repair and paint while still warm outside.
  • Windows
    • Remove Screens
    • Install Storm Windows if you have them or lower storm in place if combination storm/screen
    • Does the window lock close tightly
  • Have your Chimney cleaned, if you need someone – Sean from the Flue Doctor in Pomfret is a good person to call
  • Check the Dryer Vent – Clean out any lint and check that the exterior flapper is working properly
  • Service your Generator and make sure it is ready for use during those winter storms

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