April 23, 2019, Woodstock, CT … With over four decades in the business, Woodstock Building Associates (WBA) still firmly believes in continuing education for all of its professionals and tradespeople. This spring, both designers and craftsmen of WBA attended JLC LIVE New England at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence to learn how to up their game in the residential building industry.

JLC LIVE is an important annual trade show and conference hosted by the Journal of Light Construction. It draws thousands of architects, designers, builders, remodelers, tradesmen and field crews from across New England for networking, product showcases, skills clinics, and classroom-style conference sessions led by nationally recognized experts.

Among the WBA attendees this March, Architect Steven Keene had many takeaways. His experience resulted in a list of 29 action items ranging from marketing ideas to client relations to estimating project costs. According to Keene, this show is one of a few major national events in the industry for knowledge and skill building. “Attending shows like this is a great educational opportunity,” says Keene. “The JLC conference sheds light on the thousands of materials, methods, craftsmen and tools that must come together for a successful project. Designing and building a house is like doing a puzzle. Understanding and reviewing the importance of all the intricate pieces through the JLC brings increased knowledge, experience, and value to both our clients and our employees.”

WBA Managing Partner Doug Porter realizes that while his team has decades of experience, innovations in building technique and materials continually improve. Even simple fasteners, such as nails and screws, have changed since he helped found WBA in 1978. WBA’s lead carpenters and drywallers have mastered their craft. New tools and techniques can make even the most experienced craftsman’s job more efficient. At JLC LIVE, they discovered the latest tricks and tips. At Woodstock Building Associates, learning is lifelong, which means their team has the most current information and skills to make every client’s project a success.

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With over four decades of operation and a team of experienced professionals, Woodstock Building Associates, LLC is an established leader in custom home building and remodeling. This award-winning team serves northeastern Connecticut and South Central Massachusetts with well-planned and expertly executed projects of all sizes, working with clients from design to finished product. Visit wbahomes.com for more information.

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